Deserted Shores // Negative Photographs (Video on Demand)
Deserted Shores // Negative Photographs (Video on Demand)

Deserted Shores // Negative Photographs, which first premiered in the 24th Istanbul Theater Festival and has been highly praised by the critics, continues its digital screenings with English surtitles at YeniPerform. 

Written by Ferdi Çetin and directed by Yeşim Özsoy, Deserted Shores // Negative Photographs focuses on a woman imagining a family gathering that never happened. Kübra Balcan, Yaman Ceri, Meral Çetinkaya, Banu Fotocan and Ahmet Ayaz Yılmaz take part in the play which creates an aesthetic with the combination of video, sound, performance and installation without physically bringing the audience and the performers together. The play, designed during the Covid-19 period, concentrates on the positions of the audience and the performers in theater. It does not only create an unconventional watching technique, but it also reflects the soul of the current period.

Written by: Ferdi Çetin

Directed by: Yeşim Özsoy

Dramaturgy: Ozan Ömer Akgül

Cinematography & Editing & Coloring: Noyan Ayturan

Lighting Design: Ayşe Sedef Ayter

Music Design: Çağrı Beklen

Animation: Nisan Yetkin

Stage & Costume Design: Ferdi Çetin

Stage Technician & Styling: İrem Dilaver

Camera & Drone: Serdar Çam

Violin: Gülfem Güler

Violoncello: İsmail Hakkı Gayretli

“Kimseye Etmem Şikayet” Composition: Kemani Serkis Efendi

Solo Singer: Neşe Sarısözen Adalı

Project Assistant & Stage Manager: Senem Birlik

Assistant Director: Ahmet Ayaz Yılmaz

Technical Team: Uğur Aksu, Umut Rışvanlı, Aslı Dinci

Video Shooting Assistant: Nilay Yerebasmaz

Performers: Kübra Balcan, Yaman Ceri, Meral Çetinkaya, Banu Fotocan, Ahmet Ayaz Yılmaz

The 3D video of the installation that was open for visitors at Yapı Kredi bomontiada during the Istanbul Theater Festival, is available online by clicking on the standard or 360° video icon. 

With this 3D installation video, you will get the chance to experience the space in which the play was recorded without the presence of the performers. Through audiovisual elements, you will be encountering the traces of the images they saw while watching the play.



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