Playwrighting Workshop
Playwrighting Workshop

The New Text New Theatre Project’s Playwrighting Workshop that GalataPerform has been running since 2006 aims to discover new writers and open up a new space for contemporary script writing. In this sense, this workshop is open to anyone who is interested in play writing and who wants to have a basic understanding of playwriting.

Plays selected from the scripts written within the framework of the theme of the year during the workshop, will be staged as play readings at the New Text New Theatre Festival, which has been organised since 2012 and has enabled new writers to meet with audiences.

Participants of the workshop will also have the chance to attend workshops of guest teachers who join us from Turkey and from abroad every year.

Names such as Ozen Yula, Ceren Ercan, Mark Levitas, Okan Urun, Ahmet Sami Ozbudak, Murat Mahmutyazıcıoglu, Onur Karaoglu and international names like Ronan Cheneau, David Bobee, Samuel Gallet, David Leon, Maria Velasco, Asa Lindholm, Peca Stefan, Finn Iunker have given lessons in New Text New Theatre workshops in previous years.

This year, the instructors who will be joining the program from France, Sweden and Spain in addition to the many writers and directors who will be hosted as part of the workshop will be announced in the coming days.

At the end of the workshops, the 9th New Text New Theatre Festival which offers the opportunity participate in various fields, will be held in 2020.

This event is not suitable for non-Turkish speakers.


Writer/director/actor Yesim Ozsoy is an Afife Award winning artist whose plays have been staged at festivals, both home and abroad, and whose plays have been translated into different languages. She has completed her master’s degree in the Department of Performance Studies in Northwestern University. She has also taken lessons on History and Theory of Theatre at Columbia University in addition to an undergraduate degree in Practical Acting, Writing and Directing at Sarah Lawrence College. She has taught in Boğaziçi University and Studio Actors.


Ferdi Cetin, who has completed his doctorate in Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy at Istanbul University, is working as a dramaturg and “Project Director” at GalataPerform. Cetin’s story book called I Burned Our House Like This was published by Yapı Kredi Publishing. Cetin is also one of the founders and writers of the theatre company ba-tiyatro which is the creative team behind the play “Letters to a Tractor from A Museum Which Has Lost its Memory”.

Ozan Omer AKGUL

Ozan Omer Akgul, who is working as a teacher and “Education and Content Supervisor” in the New Text New Theatre workshops, is continuing his academic career by finishing his doctorate education in Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy at Istanbul University and by being a Research Supervisor at the Stage and Visual Arts Department of Istanbul Medeniyet University. At the same time, he is a board member of the Theatre Critics Union and a jury member of the Yapı Kredi Afife Theatre Awards. Akgul’s academic writings, critiques, stories and his three plays Death Fields, While Angels Fall and Birth, under the name “Collective Plays 1”, were published by Mitos Boyut Publishing.

Ahmet Sami ÖZBUDAK 

He studied Literature in Istanbul University and graduated in 2003. Since then, he has been working as a journalist in many newspapers and magazines. He is also writing plays since 1998 and taking backstage roles in theatres since 2002. He started attending the New Text New Theater Project in 2010 where he developed Stain, with which he won the 2011 Heidelberger Stückemarkts ‘Europäischen Autorenpreises‘ award. Stain was produced by GalataPerform in 2013 and since then it is still running in its repertoire. Ozbudak also got the Best Playwright Award at the Theater Awards in Istanbul in 2013 and the Afife Jale Award in 2014. He is also the author of Hayal-i Temsil, which has been on stage for 3 seasons in City Theatre. He was also one of the four playwrights involved in the “Testimonials” project based on Gezievents of Istanbul, coordinated by Yesim Ozsoy. In 2016 he directed a site-specific project called The Monologue Museum of Balat, in which 7 different monologues were exhibited in 7 different chambers in the same building of the old, historical town of Balat, Istanbul. Sherlock Hamid written by Ahmet Sami is on stage since 2017 at the Bakirkoy City Theather. Finally, Anton Chekov’s The Seagull, adapted by Ahmet Sami Ozbudak, is now on stage within Theather Festival at the Zorlu Performance Hall.

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