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1- Is it possible to buy tickets and watch the plays without being a member of the site?

To purchase tickets, you must verify your information and become a member of the site.

2- While I became a member, I filled out my information completely and completed it, but I did not receive an e-mail or notification that my membership was completed. Is my membership confirmed?

In this case, you can check whether your membership is approved or not by trying to log in with your e-mail and password you created on the member login page. While sending confirmation mails and notifications, there may be delays due to the intensity.

3 - Can I purchase tickets with a debit card? 

Yes, you can.

4 - While purchasing a ticket, I am encountering an error even though I have entered my card information completely at the payment stage. What is your suggestion?

If an error is encountered during the payment process due to reasons arising from the bank, you can complete the transaction by continuing with other bank cards if you have the opportunity.

5- Will a special password or link be sent to watch the screening after purchasing the ticket?

After logging in with your membership information, you will see that the phrase "buy" under the game you bought tickets has been switched to "watch". On the display page, you will encounter a video cover in the countdown. You can watch the play you have purchased by logging its own page at the relevant time and date.

6- Although the show time has come, the live broadcast has not started. What should I do?

If you are on the page of the event and you cannot access the content even though the show time has come, you can refresh the page so that the countdown image is replaced with a live broadcast image. Please note that there may be short delays due to the internet provider during the show time.

7- While watching the show, I have a synchronization problem in audio and video. What is the source of the problem?

Synchronization problems experienced during the screening are caused by your internet provider or device and are resolved when conditions improve.

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